My Goal is to lose 100lbs this year and donate money to people affected by the Carr Fire

What does losing weight have to do with the Carr Fire?

Absolutely┬ánothing! I just needed some help in losing weight. I needed motivation. During the Carr Fire, I was on the east side of our town and was “relatively” safe from the disaster all while watching the people around me deal with true life or death situations (something I have never really been in). So, of course, it was moving. I thought it was really amazing that everybody mobilized to help our neighbors. I also thought where would they be a year from now. So, I put how I felt, what I needed to do for my own health (Dr’s orders) and the idea that a year from now people would still need help and that’s that.

How am I doing?

What can I do to help?

To help motivate myself I will donate $3 for every pound I lose to charities that support people affected by the Carr Fire. For any pound that I don’t lose, I will donate $5.

What I could use is support and to be sponsored! Below is a form where you can sponsor me to lose weight and every penny will go towards people affected by the Carr Fire in January of 2020.

A sponsorship as small as 10 cents a pound adds up to $10 dollars and that money can really add up. So even a small amount will really help.

Sponsor Chauncey to Lose Weight Here!

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