I'm Chauncey

Family Man, Web Developer, SEO, Radio Host, Artist, etc, blah, blah blah
What do I do? I try to create as much as possible. I enjoy creating.
Creating processes and content for search engine optimization or
purely visual abstract art, I am happiest when creating things
and solving problems.

Of Eons and Stars

A new story I am writing if you would like to check it out. Horror, Lovecraft, comic-booky, music, drawings, and such.

of eons and stars

SEO & Web Development

Many of my creative paths in life have lead me to web development and online marketing. Once the creating was done the only thing that was left was to create a way to share it… or at least to learn it.

My web experience started a long time ago with a website I asked a friend to build. And he did. But one day I broke it. I spent 48 hours trying to fix it and when I finally did I realized “I like this stuff”. That was 15 years ago and I have been clicking away ever since.

Radio and Podcasting

Education and Entertainment

How much fun would it be if a couple days a week you and your friends got together and talked about business, music, ghosts, bigfoot, etc, all while helping and entertaining people. The answer is… it’s a lot of fun : ).

Radio Wasteland

Radio Wasteland is a podcast about all things paranormal. I am a skeptic at heart, but paranormal topics get my imagination rolling. I find few things more fun than dreaming the two words that have inspired mankind from the beginning. “What If?”

The Being Found Help Center

The Being Found Help Center lets me help people. Helping businesses grow and succeed comes with a lot of rewards. Not least of which is how good it feels when you know that you have helped a business owner fulfill their dreams and support their families.

Archaic Radio

Archaic Radio is where all this podcasting and radio started. I have been a music fan my whole life and pursuing some version of Archaic Radio almost as long.

Music and Bands

I started playing in bands when I was 14 years old. Writing songs and the camaraderie of playing with a band got me through the tumultuous years of youth and made me a better, more creative person today. Nowadays my music making has gone from full-time to part-time due to careers, businesses and family, but it is a love I will never leave and a passion I will never stop doing. As artists, there are times that art can offend or inspire. If your not ready to potentially be offended or inspired, best you just stay out of this section.