Of Eons and Stars

A Lovecraftian Tale of Rock n’ Roll and the Occult

Of Eons and Stars is a serialized “comic-style” story written in a short story format with accompanying music and artwork.

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of eons and stars part 1

Of Eons and Stars Part 1: Through the Woods to See the Blackness Between the Stars

We are introduced to budding music journalist, Angelica Whateley, as she tries to climb from under her father’s shadow by writing an article on the band, Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars.

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Of Eons and Stars Part 7: A Demon Call and Down the Drain #3

The Professor and Charles get a steak and some bitter coffee, but that’s not all, they also receive a terrifying phone call from Angelica as she faces down a demon in Nightmare Lake.

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Of Eons and Stars Part 7: A Demon Call and Down the Drain #3

A Demon Call Charles manipulates the duo’s massive black car off of the back streets of Kingsport and into the gravel driveway of Abuela Betty’s Chophouse. Abuela Betty’s Chophouse, known locally as The Pink Bitch, was little more than a run-down diner flanked with...

Of Eons and Stars Part 6: Down the Drain #2

~1~ After the show, Angelica finds herself very drunk, very high, and having possibly done some cocaine, grabbed by Biscuit and Carter, and whisked away uncomfortably with the three of them stuffed in a two-seater headed out to the local lake to continue the party....

Of Eons and Stars Part 5: Down the Drain #1 / Breakfast Bizarre

Down the Drain Part 1 ~1~ Angelica steps from her brown beater and gently shuts the car door behind her. On her drive to Bolton, she decided that her new article byline may not have paid her enough to get a new car, but it did give her a new outlook. Her poor...

Of Eons and Stars Part 3: Hillbilly Goblins and Bourbon

Angelica parts the canvas of the tent’s entrance on her way out of the Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars concert. She steps from the huge, revival tent onto the sweet-smelling grass. Inside the tent, the music was loud and vast, but mere feet outside the...

Of Eons and Stars Part 2: Rock n’ Roll is the Cure

~1~ Angelica follows Nicolas around the side of the large tent, past the wooden risers of the stage. He pulls aside a stretch of canvas letting her exit first. She notices the sun has already set as she steps through onto the grassy meadow. Among the innumerous...